About me

         I was born in small town under the High Tatras in Slovakia. They are the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains, which means that I was always used to seeing them on the horizon whenever I went, even though I didn´t realize it. This is one of those things you don´t realize until you “lose it”. Now that I live in Denmark, I have to admit that I quite miss the view. My parents raised me with love and taught me many Slovak traditions that I still follow, but they also taught me to be open minded enough to try traditions of different cultures.

         After I finished my grammar school I wanted to go and study a major involving design and art abroad, since from my childhood I always tended to like painting, drawing, I even used to do web designs and blog about my life. However, I´ve never traveled on my own before, my family was always dissuading me from going far away and I was feeling insecure. In the end I decided to study English Language and Literature in Czech Republic, which was abroad, but not really and English language was just a cheap replacement for design. It didn´t take me long to quit the major I shouldn´t have even started and decide to study design in Copenhagen.

         I´m really excited to study and do what excites me and makes me happy. I hope to learn a lot and become more and more skilled in design, web development and coding which is quite new for me. This time I finally feel like I am on a right path.